The Ministry of Paul0.0

类型:动画 短片 家庭 传记  美国  1992 


导演:Richard Rich 


Paul's ministry is an act of continuing faith and determination in the face of opposition from both Jewish religious leaders and Roman civil authority. Paul tirelessly crisscrosses the Romans Empire time and time again, preaching the word of Jesus to Jews and Gentiles alike as he establishes Christian communities that would grow into a universal church. We begin with a meeting of the Pharisees, a strict Jewish sect which considers Paul's preaching and success in converting Jews to Christianity as a threat to their survival-a threat they must snuff out. We travel with Paul as he preaches to Jews and Gentiles alike, curing the sick and lame in the name of Jesus. But the Pharisees are unrelenting in their opposition to Paul's \" blasphemy\" arranging to have stoned. Paul continues his ministry, traveling about the lands of the Romans Empire where he and Silas are whipped and thrown into prison for preaching Christianity. Trapped in prison, they put there faith in the Lord and a massive earthquake strikes, destroying the prison and freeing Paul and Silas. In Athens and Corinth, when the crowd calls Jesus a devil and deceiver, Paul declares that he will henceforth preach only to the Gentiles. Paul prays for God's help in his work and Jesus appears, comforting him. \" I am with thee and no man shall harm you here, for there are many souls that need thee,\" Jesus tells him. Restored in faith Paul continues his ministry. He sails back to the Holy Land where he is met and attacked by an angry mob of non-believers. The Pharisees go to Fetus, the Roman ruler of Jerusalem, demanding that Paul be put to death. Fetus decides to ask Agrippa, the Jewish King, to listen to Paul and see what he thinks. Paul explains to the king how he once persecuted Jews until his conversion on the road to Damascus, and since then he has preached the word of Jesus. King Agrippa, clearly moved by Paul's word, is nearly converted to Christianity.\" This man has done nothing wrong,\" he tells Festus and allows Paul to sail to Rome. Finally Nero, the Roman emperor,sentences him to death but Paul is ready. \" I have fought a good fight,\" Paul says. \" I have finished my course. I have kept my faith.