Christopher Columbus0.0

类型:动画 短片 家庭 传记 历史  美国  1991 


导演:Richard Rich 


We first meet Christopher Columbus as an exuberant boy of Genoa, Italy, who wants only one thing - an adventurous life at sea. As he grows into young manhood, he becomes an expert sailor. When King John offers a handsome reward for the captain who can find the fastest route to the treasures of India, Columbus realizes he has found his calling. Columbus is convinced that the most direct route to the Far East is by sailing due west around the globe. But King John only laughs at Columbus. \"No one has ever sailed to the west on the great ocean. It cannot be done.\" Columbus' determination keeps his dream alive. Many years later, in search of support for his voyage of discovery, Columbus is in the court of Queen Isabella of Spain. He tells her, \"I have met many men who say it is impossible to sail west. They all have one thing in common - none of them has sailed west.\" The Queen is intrigued by Columbus' determination, but Spain is at war. She can spare neither ships nor money for such an expedition. She asks her learned men, led by the comic figure of Talavera, to research Columbus' plan. Talavera rejects the idea of sailing west. \"It is a child's dream,\" he declares. But the Queen believes in Columbus. When the war ends, she gives him a commission - three ships, a crew of ninety and money to make his journey. On the voyage Columbus has two strong allies - the great captain Pinson, and the young boy Rodrigo. The trip begins well, but as the days stretch into weeks, the men turn mutinous. Rations run short, and the men are convinced they will perish. Pinson is able to get the crew to agree to only three more days of sailing. Then they will turn back. At the end of the three days, Christopher Columbus kneels in prayer. \"Dear God,\" he says, \"There is nothing more I can do. Please help us.\" Suddenly, from high up in the crows' nest, Rodrigo shouts out, \"Land ho!\" Columbus has discovered a new world. Back in Spain, Queen Isabella honors Columbus. \"I name you Admiral of the Ocean Seas. Your name will live forever. Because of you the world will never be the same.\"